Managed Technology Services

We look after
your technology

so you can get on with running your business.

We know you most probably have no desire to understand the ins and outs of your IT, but you need it to work, quickly efficiently and wherever you may be.

That's why we don't provide just IT Support, we provide complete Peace of Mind.

As someone responsible for your company's IT, no doubt you've experienced the frustration, stress, and expense issues have caused and we are here to put an end to all of that for you.

IT Support is the banner that we put ourselves under but the term Business IT Support is misleading in the current world of technology, and that's because what we do for our clients is much more than just support. It implies we're just here to fix problems when they happen, and maybe 10 years ago it was a fitting label for us, but today we're more about IT Systems Management.

Don't get us wrong, when those inevitable problems arise, it's imperative the issue is fixed quickly and professionally, to minimise disruption to your business. But there is also much more to running a robust, reliable and secure IT system, than just providing help when it’s required.

Brighton IT Support

What Managed IT Services involves:

Brighton IT Support

Cloud Services

Brighton IT Support

Managing Systems Reliability & Uptime

Brighton IT Support

Preventing Cyber
Security Threats

Brighton IT Support

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

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Your IT doesn't have
to be such a headache...

How much easier would your life become if:

  • Any IT Problems were looked at within minutes
  • You knew with certainty that your data was safe, secure and backups tested
  • Your Business met the Cyber Essentials Standard of Accreditation
  • You had complete budget predictability, with one fixed cost per month
  • That fixed cost has no 'extras'. From broadband to email, antivirus, anti-malware, security updates, security filtering and backup - it's all included (and more!).
  • You had regular meetings with your IT provider. What are your business plans? What's new in the IT world that can help your business? Let's keep in touch!
  • Unlimited third-party liaison (We manage the relationship with your relevant suppliers)

Small or medium business in Eastbourne, Sussex or Kent?

We specialise in working with small and medium businesses in Eastbourne, Sussex, Kent and beyond because it's a world we know very well. Our clients operate in a variety of sectors, and share many of the same business challenges.

Speak to us to find out how we can give you complete Peace of Mind and eliminate your IT headaches.

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