IT budget template for small businesses

16th August 2018

As a small business it’s very important to forecast your known outgoing costs and ensure you have an IT budget in place to cover them. If you don’t, then you may fall into cash-flow problems generated by the trap of struggling to pay for things that appear “out of nowhere”.  Today’s technology is far more robust and reliable than 10 years ago, but nothing is unbreakable and sometimes these things more often than not happen at the worst time possible, so its important to be prepared in advance.

Struggling to pay for known costs can really hurt cashflow, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! 

We’ve put together a basic IT budget template, so all you need to do is modify it for your own needs. We find that this is a great way to manage your known annual costs and also factor in those unexpected ones as well.


If you’re a small business who doesn’t yet outsource their IT support, but manages their own IT in-house or with an external provider on an ad-hoc basis, then this template should make your life a whole lot easier. 

Once you’re ready to outsource your IT to help you save time, give your IT provider the job of producing an IT budget for you. 


IT Budgeting Template