How much does IT Support cost?

14th August 2018

This may make more sense if you’ve already read our article on the types of IT Support available.


“This all sounds great Michael, but how much is it going to cost me?”

We get asked this question a lot, and although I’m going to try and pin down some pricing for you, it really does depend on what type of service you are looking for. Per hour? per user? per device? remote only? full onsite cover? etc etc – the elements to costing an IT Service are wide ranging.

If you are looking at the hourly fees for an IT Provider then you are going to find some companies at the low end around £60 per hour,  ranging up to £100 per hour. At Southern IT we don’t work on a per hour model, but if we are asked for project delivery then we price on the project deliverable’s.

If you are looking to pre-purchase those hours then you may be able to get a discount off the standard hourly rate, depending on the amount you are purchasing.


Monthly Fixed IT Support fees

As an IT Support provider who prices per user, we are in the range of £45 to £65 per user / per month, depending what you need. At the lower end you’ll likely not get any onsite support, and at the higher end are those clients who might need 24/7 cover – most of our clients fall into the middle of this range.

We support you – the user, with multiple devices, so PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets are the most common set ups; occasionally the MD’s home PC as well.


What do you get for the monthly fixed fee?

This will vary by company, but with Southern IT Its easier to say what we don’t include.   

This short list consists of mainly software licences, hardware costs or project work. Everything else is included!