5 Ways To Improve Team Culture with These Microsoft Collaboration Tools

10th January 2021

Team culture is the root of any business’s success. A good team culture provides a knock-on effect, which goes as so: happy employees means higher retention of staff, a good team which enjoys their job in most cases will encourage a good work ethic and productivity in the workplace. This means top-quality work, improving customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to customer retention.

Unfortunately, in these unprecedented times, team culture has been harder to implement and nurture. Luckily, Microsoft boasts a wide range of tools which can help communication, collaboration or even create staff rotas. We have created a list highlighting the top Microsoft collaboration tools and how they can help improve team culture.


The Microsoft Tools to Improve Team Culture:


1. Microsoft Teams to Improve Collaboration

With Microsoft Teams, improving collaboration has never been easier. Firstly, chat and communicate instantly with your colleagues. Talk one on one or create groups and channels with the option to send gifs and emojis to keep up office comradery.

Video chat with your entire team, keep up social interaction and check-in with your team. Most importantly, collaborate through Teams, with its smart integration into many existing Microsoft applications, and work on documents in real-time together – this includes working on office documents and co-authoring projects. And finally, reward your team for their hard work with Disco and send each other kudos when they have been a team player. Remain connected with Microsoft Teams.


2. Microsoft Whiteboard to be Creative

Being creative and sharing your innovative ideas can be hard to do virtually, but not anymore! With Microsoft Whiteboard, you can reintroduce creative collaboration and brainstorm ideas in the virtual workplace.

You now have the opportunity to run virtual lessons and re-engage your team with creative learning. Take advantage of Microsoft’s blank canvas and fill with your teams’ creativity and allow them to grow; this will help instil an innovative and visionary culture, even remotely.

3. Microsoft Lists to Get Organised

Keeping track of your team’s work and maintaining organisation has also been challenging for many remote companies. By utilising Microsoft Lists, you can do all those things and more; track your workload, and make sure it is being completed and make it a custom user-friendly interface for your team to fit your business needs.

These lists can be shared and collaborated on by any member of your team. This is a great way to stay on top of your workload, keep your team connected on projects of all kinds, and stay organised.


4. Microsoft Forms to Understand Your Team

If you want to create some fun for your team, why not use Microsoft Forms and create quizzes, to provide light-hearted amusement. You can also create surveys and polls, which can be answered anonymously to keep track of how your team feels and make sure everyone’s voice is heard and show that their opinion matters.

This can help foster team culture by recognising the importance of your teams’ views.


5. Microsoft Bookings to Stay on Track

And finally, why not introduce Microsoft Bookings and stay on track! Simplify your time and manage and schedule appointments seamlessly. You can monitor your tasks and fit them around your daily schedule with smart integrations into Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft applications; it has never been easier to stay on track.

Give your employees the best Microsoft collaboration tools to maintain a thriving team culture, most of which come free with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

If you want to find out how these innovative Microsoft collaboration tools can help improve your team culture, download the ultimate guide to remote working with these 14 Microsoft 365 Collaboration tools.


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