"Awarded to those who show their ability to develop and deliver first-class ICT solutions and services to their customers and prospects" 

We feel your pain when faced with choosing the right IT Provider for your business, the good ones are difficult to differentiate between and that's why Southern IT Networks have undertaken the Trustmark+ assessment process.

But what does that mean for you? The CompTIA UK Trustmark+ is a vendor neutral, business-level credential that's been specifically built for the IT sector. It not only ensures we are adhering to best practices and process that deliver predictable result for our clients, but is a continuous cycle of development. We don't just do the hard work once, pay the fee and tick the assessment boxes! Assessed annually for our adherence to the standard, and continually pushed to develop identified areas through the assessment process, we can never put out feet up. Think ISO standards and they are comparable, and it overlaps with ISO 9001 in many areas. 

We're the only IT Company in Sussex to be awarded the CompTIA Trustmark+ standard

An example of some of the areas we are assessed against would be:

Organisational management |  Company direction | Business generation | Service delivery and operations | Customer relations

CompTIA Trustmark+ Logo

You can check our accreditation on the CompTIA Business Credentials Directory

We urge you to look for the Trustmark+ accreditation when choosing your IT Provider, even if it's not us!