We don't do IT Support, just expertly Managed IT Systems

The term Business IT Support is misleading in the current world of technology, and that's because what we do for our clients is much more than just support. It implies we're just here to fix problems when they happen, and maybe 10 years ago it was a fitting label for us, but today we're all about IT Management which takes on many more roles, but we're still here for those problems if they do occur.

Managed IT Services involves:

  • Cloud Services & Integration
  • Managing Systems Reliability & uptime
  • Preventing Cyber Security Threats
  • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

We specialise in working with small and medium businesses in Eastbourne, Sussex and beyond because it’s a world we know very well. Our clients operate in a variety of sectors, and share many of the same business challenges. You can rely on Southern IT Networks Ltd for predictable costs and professional service for your business.

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