Not enough hours in the day? Don’t worry Microsoft are here to help you Find Time

Managing a business is tough and can leave many of us questioning where all of our time goes. This is where ‘Find Time’, an add-in from Microsoft, comes to the rescue. Find Time works with Outlook and Office 365 and allows for you to send an email a link to people that you would like to meet with that takes them through to a list of your available meeting dates and times.

Find Time is incredibly easy to use, the people that you contact don’t even need to be using Office 365, and if they do then they don’t need to log in to be able to select the meeting time that they would prefer.


So what are you waiting for?…Find yourself some time!

All you need to do is sign in to  Once you are logged in simply click and install the software for free.

See our walkthrough below for more information on how use Find Time:

Create a new email and click the new add-in ‘New Meeting Poll’ then select ‘Link Now’ to connect Outlook to the FindTime system. This only needs to be done once.


Now select the duration, specify if it’s an online or an in-person meeting and select several dates you are available. Once you have selected all your chosen dates click Next.


FindTime will list your chosen dates for confirmation and click ‘Insert into email’


The email will now contain the meeting options and this is how it will look to the recipients.


Once the recipients receive the email they simply click ‘Select Options’


They click on their name from the list of attendees.


A web page will open and the recipients can choose Prefer, yes or no to specify which dates they are available or not. Once the selections have been made they click Submit.

For more information on how to use Find Time for your business, contact us today on 01323 287828. We look forward to hearing from you.