Why should I get my business Cyber Essentials Certified?

You might need to get your business Cyber Essentials certified because it is a requirement passed down the supply chain, or you deal with a government department directly that requires it, most now require it even before you can submit tenders. Some of the biggest UK businesses have also pledged to adopt Cyber Essentials requirements in their supply chains such as Airbus, Barclays, BT, & Vodafone.

But aside from the scenarios where your business must be certified, why should you get your business cyber essentials accredited?

Addressing other areas of IT security

Whilst only covering the basics, the cyber essentials standard will certainly cover some of areas you need in other areas, or on the way to achieving higher standards of IT security. Examples would be in helping you with GDPR compliance, setting a baseline for moving up to the IASME governance standard, or even ISO27001.

Demonstrating Security

Meeting the standard will show clients, investors, employees or any other interested parties that you take your cyber security obligations seriously and therefore your handling of their data.

New Opportunities

Being Cyber Essentials certified will mean you can bid on government contracts, but also that you may be seen in a more favourable position for private sector work.

Save Money

Insurance companies will look favourably on those companies with Cyber Essentials resulting in lower premiums.

Avoid your business being a victim of avoidable attacks

The Cyber Essentials Standard was found by the university of Lancaster to either mitigate completely, or part of over 99% of all common cyber-attacks. If that’s not enough, then what is?

Even if your business has a higher degree of IT security Governance in place, Cyber Essentials is still being pushed by the government as an accreditation that is practical and highly efficient at blocking some attacks seen in businesses even with ISO27001.