Technology as a driver of change in the legal sector

Today we attended the LegalEx show at ExCel in London to ensure we kept pace with how the Legal sector is seeing the technology landscape in their practices. The Keynote from Jonathan Smithers, (president of the Law Society) highlighted the challenges faced from technological innovation from both what practice's use and also how the law will need to adapt to innovations and how they will reshape practices.

Technology and the Law

The usage and application of technologyare becoming more complex and sophisticated; Amazon deliveries by drone, driverless cars, delivery robots are a few examples.  Major technology vendors are already executing their vision on the technology of tomorrow and the law needs to adapt rapidly rather than playing catch up.

Technology and the Judicial System

Courts are slowly adopting technology to make them 100% digital, the lord chief justices report to parliament was titled "Outdated IT Systems severely impede the delivery of justice" our clients working in court are relying solely on their case management systems and tech in court when their matters are heard, it's more and more imperative that technology 'just works' when they need it to.

Technology in Legal Practice

Practices have been adapting and improving processes and procedures before now, but the pace of this is happening faster with technology, such an example of this is the utilisation of IBM's ROSS system that has been attributed to huge time savings by allowing the use of natural language rather than keyword searches to return more quickly than ever before.

Closer to the businesses we work with is their use of 'the cloud' for delivering practice management systems, unified communications and ensuring they can work with the Crown Court Digital Case System. At a time where technology proliferation is rife with the ability to 'self-serve,' it is more important than ever to manage your technology so it works efficiently, securely, whilst maintaining your regulatory compliance.

At the same time efficiency gains from technology mean that if you're not embracing the change, and others certainly are, your rivals will be turning more profit, for less work.