Boost staff productivity with mobile web

Many business owners jump to the conclusion that utilizing mobile devices can automatically lead to more and better productivity. However, having a poor mobile device policy can result in your employees becoming inundated and frankly, overwhelmed by technology. That's not the outcome you'd want so here are a few ways to avoid this happening and how to get the most out of the use of mobile devices within the workplace. 

Use the right tool

Yes, using a mobile phone or tablet device is an effective an efficient way to work on the go but try writing a long report on a mobile device, this just isn't a good idea. Using project management apps, viewing emails and documents and just searching the web are good ways to use mobile devices, but anything that is a little too detailed is likely to be much easier and time friendly on a laptop or computer. Don't train your staff to use every single app and program that the business uses, this will result in the employee becoming overwhelmed and will be a waste of time and resources. 

Communicate face-to-face

Having a face-first policy might be the way forward for your business. This means, that rather an employee writing an email, they should consider talking to that person directly, be it over the phone or in person. If that person is only a short walk down the road, that conversation should take place in-person. If your employee needs a quick answer, then face-to-face is the most efficient way as emails can get overlooked and unanswered. Having an email policy, your employee's inbox's are much more likely to be less overcrowded with incoming messages and ensures that communication takes place in a more timely manner. 

Set boundaries

Being able to set boundaries is one of the great responsibilities of being an employer. Creating and enforcing time frames for work on certain platforms and applications that can be utilized and when emails can be sent and responded to. Do not encourage employees to work out-of-hours by sending and responding to emails over the weekend and in the evenings. Chances are, the query can wait until they are back in the office on Monday. 

Be flexible

This can sound a little contradictory, but being flexible in the work policies can be a wise choice to boost productivity. When being flexible, it means that the ability for employees to work at hours and locations of their choosing can become highly beneficial. Most people work better and more efficiently when they are surrounded by their own comforts, and can at certain times of day. These times may not be usual business hours, but they may get more done during the hours they choose. 

Mobile devices can really contribute to making your business more efficient and making/keeping employees happy and motivated. If you'd like a little bit more information on how utilizing mobile devices in the workplace can help boost productivity or how you can use technology better than you currently are, call us today.