Flat Pack Technology - Should you Do It Yourself?

How many times have we been there, armed with a full set of instructions, what we consider to be the correct tools and it still goes wrong. Unfortunately, the same is shockingly familiar when it comes to many small businesses and their technology.

Those shelves will fall down!

Just like your flat pack furniture might be good for a while, it was never quite put together properly and those shelves (the ones that had those spare screws) will eventually fall down, but not before they are fully loaded with books & valuables to cause the most amount of damage and disruption.

Have the Vision...

You've just created yourself a lot of mess to clear up, items to replace, as well as needing a new bookcase. If only you'd got someone in to do it right, not only doing it right but freeing up your time, stress and in the long run, money. 

Technology, though, isn't like your bookcase you just put up and forget about, it requires constant attention if you're to be kept up to date and secure in this time of relentless cyber attacks.

Have the vision of what your businesses needs to achieve and let the professionals do it, leaving you with more time to run your business.

Don't DIY

The problem is most systems will appear to work 'fine' and then problems will occur which leaves you in a reactive situation, which is not a place you want to be in, especially with your business technology. 

If your business relies on its technology, get your systems properly managed, maintained and supported and you'll reap the rewards with time in your business and not on your technology.