Do you take your IT Guys word for it?

We recently took on a new client where in our sizing up the service required for them and we naturally spoke about their backup. Wanting to keep costs down, the cloud server backup was omitted, citing that the USB hard drive backup onsite worked fine, and they took a copy home each day.

Let's hope those drives are not empty then,” I say

We then went through our on-boarding technical audit we found that those drives were indeed empty, or may as well have been. The clients last backup had run 4 years ago, so for four years they had routinely been taking off-site these USB drives with no backup on.

"But my IT Guy said it was working"

The client then utters that sentence that we here too often “My old IT guy said it was working”. The problem wasn’t that the backups were not set to run, but that the USB drives had become too small to fit the data on that the expanding business was producing.

At Southern IT, we’d much rather sell recovery than backup solutions. All our clients are routinely asked to specify a file / folder that they would like us to recover from the backup, and from what day / time.

Not only do the weekly reports we send them to give them peace of mind their backup is taking place, and completing as expected and to an offsite cloud-based location, but they can actually see that it works in our regular testing.

What would you rather believe, your IT guy or your eyes?