Are you the 'Accidental IT Guy' ?

In a world where the cliché of 'IT Consumerisation' is shown by Smartphones, the cloud, BYOD etc. Isn't it the case that the business owners and end-users are actually required to become more tech savvy?

The power of Bring Your Own Software

A recent problem we have come across is a great example; a division manager was looking for a solution to their CRM problems. Losing patience with management went ahead and fired up a Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial, as anyone can. The product did what they required and it was taken on 'under the radar' of senior management.

A few weeks later we were contacted by the division manager because they needed some help in getting some features to work and some problems they had been putting up with since they set up the trial. Of course, the service desk didn't know anything about Dynamics CRM being used in the business, or how it was administered or set up.

The perils of becoming the Accidental IT Guy

The division manager had actually become the accidental IT Guy; he was responsible for setting up users, running reports, installing plugins, moving the data to relevant departments and the on-line help files and forums for the product had become very frequent reading.

A bigger problem loomed as Microsoft Dynamics, which is part of the same sign in as Office 365, now had separate (and very insecure) logins. The business already had an Office 365 account for their e-mail and SharePoint. If they had just waited, IT could have provisioned them a trial account.


I'm all for removing bureaucracy where it's not needed, but be aware that you don't become the accidental IT Guy when you need to be running your business. Part of our job today, is to advise you and provide the framework for your business to be able to adopt the cloud services you need, whilst advising of the most efficient way of doing it.

That shift is certainly progressing fast, and for some people they say the need for IT is diminishing. From our perspective businesses are now working with more types of technology than ever before, and implementing them in a secure, reliable and manageable