I'm sure your used to this, but we get loads of calls from various kinds of people trying to sell us stuff

You don’t really want to make them and we don’t really want to receive them.

We are also part of the UK's leading technology community with support & buying arrangements that pretty much impossible to better! If you think you've got something extra special to offer, go for it, we want to know. Good, reliable suppliers, that have values similar to our own and that give us the service we need to deliver amazing service to our own clients is what we're after. 

If you want to be a supplier to us don’t call us.

If you want to ignore this page that I’ve taken the time to produce, your just going to show us that you that you don’t really care about finding out about us and you, and how we're a good fit to work together.

What you need to do is have a good look through our website and see if we are the kind of company that you want to do business with, see if what we offer our clients fits with what you do (the number of completely random suppliers calling on the off change is infuriating!) Because then we are going to have a good chance of getting along together aren’t we?

Sound good? Simply drop your details into the form below, and if you've taken the time to understand us, I can promise you a reply.

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