#1 - Lightning Fast Response Times

When you contact us with an issue we promise we’ll be on the case within 60 minutes,or if it’s critical, our response is as immediate as can be. In reality* it is often much quicker and with our remote support services we can quickly and securely access your device wherever you are.

*2015 Average Response time 10.2 minutes

#2 - No Geek Speak

You didn't go into business to learn IT & won’t expect you to learn our language. Our technicians will explain what’s happening in plain English and you’ll be able to get straight forward answers to your questions.

#3 - No Unexpected Surprises

We believe in delivering services you can have total confidence in and be dealt with open and honestly – that’s not too much to ask is it? Before any major work is undertaken a full assessment of any potential risks takes place and they are explained in full before any work starts.

#4 - On Time & on Budget

We won’t spring unforeseen charges on you because we didn't do our homework properly. We identify any risks, communicate them & ensure our project planning is spot on.

#5 - Accurate Billing

Every invoice you receive from us will clearly tell you exactly what you are paying for and reference the ticket number the work relates to for complete transparency.